Auditions for Upcoming Productions

Please check back soon for our upcoming auditions!

What to Expect at an Audition:

  • After signing in you will have some time to rehearse scenes from the show you are auditioning for. They will be provided at the audition

  • In the Audition room you can expect to be auditioned by three or more people, usually the Producer, the Director, and the Musical Director, sometimes other staff members will be present

  • You may be asked to read lines and perform your prepared song (Song is ONLY for Musical Auditions)

What to Bring to an Audition:

  • Yourself (Obviously!)

  • Resume

  • Headshot

  • 16 Bars of Music Pre-Prepared (ONLY for Musical Auditions)

The Merrick Theatre, 2222 Hewlett Ave, Merrick Ny,Will be holding auditions for their up coming musical “ The Fantasticks”.

"A charming musical comedy about two fathers who plot to trick their children, Matt and Luisa, into falling in love. The show, a parable illuminating the desire for what one doesn't have as more than one bargains for, features a beautiful score, including the song "Try To Remember."

Fantasticks Good One.jpg

Tuesday May 28th at 7:30pm at the theatre.

Show opens Friday Aug 2nd and plays thru Sunday Aug 11.

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm Sundays at 3pm.

*Please note this show is only plays for two weekends *

Directed by: Matt Stashin 
Musical Director : Ariann Miller Forella
Stage Mgr. : Allegra Mattel

Looking To Cast :

El Gallo (Lead): Male, 30-50
the Narrator/Bandit. sensual and worldly, dashing and articulate. Baritone: A flat – High G.
ETHNICITY: All Ethnicities

Matt (The Boy) (Lead): Male, 20-25
Innocent young man, adventurous. High Baritone/Tenor: A – High G.
ETHNICITY: All Ethnicities

Luisa (The Girl) (Lead): Female, 20-25
Romantic, adventurous, strong-willed and spirited. Legit Soprano: B – High B.
ETHNICITY: All Ethnicities

Hucklebee (The Boy's Father) (Lead): Male, 35-55
Former navy man, meticulous gardener. Baritone: A – High F sharp.
ETHNICITY: All Ethnicities

Bellamy (The Girl's Father) (Lead): Male, 35-55
a merchant, also a picky gardener. Baritone: A – High F sharp.
ETHNICITY: All Ethnicities

Henry (The Old Actor) (Supporting): Male, 40-55
An aging, over-the-top hambone thespian. Non-singing.
ETHNICITY: All Ethnicities

Mortimer (The Man Who Dies) (Supporting): 30-50
Henry’s goofy sidekick. Non-singing.
ETHNICITY: All Ethnicities

The Mute (Supporting): Males & Females, 18-50
must move well, have a prodigious memory and concentration for detail. Strong presence but able to be invisible.
ETHNICITY: All Ethnicities

Please be available for ALL performances.