Auditions for Upcoming Productions

What to Expect at an Audition:

  • After signing in you will have some time to rehearse scenes from the show you are auditioning for. They will be provided at the audition
  • In the Audition room you can expect to be auditioned by three or more people, usually the Producer, the Director, and the Musical Director, sometimes the Artistic Director will be present
  • You will be asked to read lines and perform your prepared song (Song is ONLY for Musical Auditions)

What to Bring to an Audition:

  • Yourself (Obviously!)
  • Resume
  • Headshot
  • 16 Bars of Music Pre-Prepared (ONLY for Musical Auditions)






Crucible C.jpg

Auditions for our upcoming production of the Arthur Miller drama “The Crucible” are on:

Tuesday Nov. 14th at 7:30pm
Wednesday Nov. 15th at 7:30pm

Directed by Daniel C. Higgins

Show opens February 10th and plays through March 4th.

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm.

Looking to Cast :

Reverend Parris: A widower with little understanding of children. Before entering the ministry, Parris was a merchant in Barbados, and his ministry still bears signs of his business background.

Betty Parris: Parris’s young daughter, whose illness sparks the action of the play.

Tituba: Female. Parris’s servant, brought back from Barbados.

Abigail Williams: an orphan, living with Rev. Parris, who is her uncle. Older than Betty, and able to influence the other girls.

Susanna Walcott: teenager, younger than Abigail, and easily led by her, Susanna is a nervous girl. She works for the local doctor, Dr Briggs.

Ann Putnam: married to Thomas Putnam, an influential family in Salem. But of eight children born to her, only one daughter has survived, and she is jealous of Rebecca’s large family.

Thomas Putnam: the eldest son of the richest man in the village, and with a high opinion of his own intellect. Married to Ann.

Mercy Lewis: Miller describes her as “merciless”. She is the Putnam’s servant.

Mary Warren: The Proctor’s servant. Naïve and subservient, she is easily swayed by Abigail.

John Proctor: a hard working farmer . Well respected in Salem and not easily influenced by others.

Rebecca Nurse: Held in very high regard in the village, Rebecca is gentle and kind. She has eleven children and twenty six grandchildren!

Giles Corey: a farmer who is going deaf, Giles is nevertheless a determined protector of his rights and property; to which end he has been in court six times during the year.

Reverend John Hale: he is confident in his abilities as a specialist in ascertaining witchcraft, which he has studied in detail.

Elizabeth Proctor: wife of John, she is “not wholly well”, perhaps since the birth of their third child.

Francis Nurse: Husband of Rebecca, whom he tries to protect when she is accused of witchcraft.

Ezekiel Cheever: Ezekiel is employed as a court official.

Marshal Herrick: is also employed by the court, but he is uncomfortable about some of the things he is expected to do.

Judge Hathorne: a lawyer from Boston, who is employed as the prosecutor.

Deputy Governor Danforth: confident and determined that the law must be upheld, even at the risk of obscuring the truth.

Sarah Good: a poor, confused beggar who is accused of witchcraft.

Hopkins: a messenger.



We are happy to announce our auditions for our upcoming comedic production of "Sylvia".

Directed by: Matt Stashin

Sunday December 3rd at 6pm and Tuesday December 5th at 7:30pm at the theatre.

Show opens March 17th and plays thru April 8th .
Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm.

Greg is a restless empty-nester, bored with his job and his existence. Sylvia is an exuberant, beautiful lab/poodle mix (played by a woman) that Greg encounters in the park and brings home, much to the dismay of his wife, Kate.
Sylvia is a smart, silly, hilarious look at growing older and finding the meaning of life, anywhere you can.

Looking to cast :

Sylvia - any age - a stray dog Greg takes in after finding her in the park

Greg - 35-50 - works in finance, and bored with his rut of a life, until he meets Sylvia

Kate - 35-50 - Greg’s wife, a professor whose career is moving up quickly. Baffled by the bond between Greg and Sylvia

Tom/Phyllis/Leslie - 30-50 - All played by one performer. Tom is a fellow dog owner, Phyllis is a college friend of Kate, and Leslie is a marriage counselor.

Please be available for ALL performances.